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Frequently Asked Questions

Hatha is made up of the terms Ha and Tha, which stand for the Sun (Pingala Nadi) and The, which stand for the Moon (Ida Nadi), the hot and cold energy that moves through the body. Hatha yoga is the science of balancing the mind and body.

No, that’s entirely your fault. However, we serve solely vegetarian and vegan meals during the course.

Yes, you are welcome to enroll in our course as it is designed for beginners. In a broad sense, yoga encompasses much more than just flexibility. It’s the art of being alive. In any stage of life, you should absolutely participate in this.

All forms of physical yoga have their roots in hatha yoga, which is the original form of yoga. It is one of the earliest forms of yoga and contains postures, mudras, bandhas, and prayama. Yoga can be practiced in many different ways, but Ashtanga is the most rigorous and systematic approach, with a focus on the Ujjai breath, bandhas, and dristi.

The cost includes three meals each day; all other meals must be purchased separately.


Yes, Sunday is day off.

You will receive all the fundamental and required study materials, a yoga mat, and essential toiletries from Isha Niketan Rishikesh. For the opening and closing ceremonies, kindly bring one pair of white dresses. You are welcome to bring any additional materials you require.

Paypal, UPIs & Cash.

Although it would be beneficial if you have prior yoga experience, beginners are welcome to join us as well. We begin at zero.

Please dress in comfortable, non-transparent, loose-fitting clothing that is not too short.

There is no need for one because we will give it to you.

You will receive a certificate that has been certified by the Yoga Alliance and is recognized throughout the world after successfully completing this course. After that, you can either start your own yoga school or teach yoga to others. These are the advantages of yoga for professionals.

The advantages of yoga are endless on a personal level. It will improve your way of living.

Yes Yoga has the potential to cure all our mental and physical problems. It depends how seriously and passionately you do it.

You can reserve a single private room, and you can share it.

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